Breitling Spatial

Post 1960

Post 1960 the world was changing it was a time of freedom and a time of technological development. The race … Read more

Omega Seamaster crop


From 1945 to 1960 wristwatches enjoyed unprecedented growth. Every man who returned from the fight wanted to wear a watch … Read more

Cockpit Dials


From 1925 to 1945 Aviation enjoyed a Golden Age. Flight was new and exciting. Everyone wanted to fly, and everyone … Read more

Alberto Santos-Dumont

Pre 1925

Before 1904 and Louis Cartier there were only pocket watches to use in aviation. With the invention of the Cartier … Read more

Flight Birds

Flight Birds is dedicated to aviation and exploration watches throughout time. From pocket watches to the space age.

Hamilton Explorer II


Watches and Exploration? Flight, was not the only Frontier that was expanded during the 20th century. “My only fear is … Read more