About Me

Flight birds has been a long time arriving. I wanted to create a website about the history of Longines and the dawn of the aviation age for some time. It was an amazing era where the individuals involved reached “rock star” status. They were known and followed all over the world.

Aviation opened up the world to everyone, and nobody could get enough of the people and places that were part of it. Accurate time keeping was essential for early aviators and Longines led the way in providing the pieces that became synonymous with flight.

How Flight Birds Got Started

Greetings, my name is Andy, I acquired a Breitling vintage Navitimer 35 years ago and 10 years later I inherited my grandfather’s 1942 Longines acquired in Palestine. A love of Breitling and a rare affliction called Longineitis followed, after acquiring my very first Longines Pilot chronograph. Attending air and watch shows ignited my love and interest in pilot watches.

Flight Birds features aviation watches that made flight and air navigation possible, whilst remembering the characters who shaped one of the most incredible, remarkable and colourful chapters of the 20th century.

We are humans, and appreciate and value any comments, feedback, suggestions and corrections. If you have a story about a flight watch or something interesting in this space that you are willing to share, then please drop us an email.

You can learn a little bit more about me by by visiting Hodinkee and the two pieces they have done about me.